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Biscotto Clusone - Trussardi Pastry Shop

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Adriano Trussardi, owner of the Pastry Shop, from who it gets its name, started his business in 1980 in the historical city centre of Clusone in Piazza della Rocca.

From the beginning, he has been selecting the best raw materials to produce high quality products. Since then, his great passion for his work has represented a key ingredient for his pastries. This brought him to immediate success among the residents and tourists who crowd during all seasons in the Seriana Valley.

Adriano Trussardi’s production includes biscuits, traditional pastry and cakes for every occasion and also: Easter eggs, Colomba, Panettone and Veneziane for Christmas and New year time.

In July 2001, he started to make Clusone biscuits, in their characteristic packaging, which suddenly became the strong suit of the pastry shop.


Produced only by Adriano Trussardi’s Pastry Shop in Clusone, this kind of cookie is halfway between Meringue and Amaretti.

The Ingredients are: Sugar, Almonds, Flour, Vanilla and Dark Chocolate.

Biscotto Clusone - Trussardi Pastry Shop

The Origins

Giuseppe Mantegazza worked out the recipe of the Biscuit of Clusone, which was registered as trademark, and started the production in his own Pastry Shop in Clusone.
The production lasted until the 1950s, when the Mantegazza Family closed its business and abandoned the Seriana Valley.
In 2001 the Municipality of Clusone decided to retrieve this old recipe, as agreed with Mrs. Emma Mantegazza, the daughter of the pastry producer, who took the recipe from his father’s notebook.

Thanks to a Municipal decision, the production of the Clusone Biscuit was entrusted to Adriano Trussardi’s Pastry Shop in Clusone .
After the first tastings, a delegation from Clusone went to San Remo to visit Mrs. Mantegazza in order to let her have a taste of the first cookies and get some advice, so as to make the biscuits as delicious as her father did.
The production of Clusone Biscuits was immediately successful at local and national level.


Biscotto Clusone - Trussardi Pastry Shop

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